Our Story

Crescent Innovations, Inc. is an early stage medical product company located in Littleton, Massachusetts. The company focuses on research and development of biologically compatible polymers in order to provide nonsurgical REGENERATIVE therapies for treating chronic and acute episodes of pain. The company has an advanced candidate to treat osteoarthritis, which has the potential to be three times as effective, and less expensive than traditional therapies, and require less treatment to achieve pain reduction.

Crescent Innovations has been issued two patents including U.S. Patent #7,364,875 for producing gPGA, and U.S. Patent #7,501,396 for using gPGA to treat OA.

In addition, the company has successfully completed three series of animal studies:

(1) Showed PGA reduces inflammation more than both placebo and current treatments;

(2) Showed PGA reduced pain more than placebo and current treatments; and

(3) Was a third party GLP study showing that PGA is safe for injection/implantation in humans, paving the way for a human clinical trial.

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